Seminari INSPIRES (Digital Possessions) a càrrec de Siân Lindley

Posted on març 7, 2016 
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Inspires blau

La setmana vinent visitarà l’Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS) de la Universitat de Lleida(UdL)  la investigadora Siân Lindley del grup Human Experience & Design (HXD) de Microsoft Research a Cambridge (UK). Entre altres activitats serà la protagonista d’una ponència en el marc del Centre de Recerca INSPIRES:

Seminari INSPIRES – Digital Possessions

Dia: dijous 7 d’Abril de 2016
Lloc: aula 2.01 EPS
Hora. 12:00

Resum: Increasingly the things that matter to us are digital, be they stored on computers and mobile devices, synced across Cloud services, generated as social media, or curated via sites like Pinterest. In our recent research, myself and my colleagues have been exploring what digital possessions are, where they are hosted and stored, how users interact with them, and what this means for their relationships with them. This work has two strands. Firstly, we have conducted research to understand how people experience and manage their digital content in a networked world. Our research indicates that people feel a less assured sense of possession over content stored in the Cloud, that mechanisms to allow them to ‘keep’ new forms of content are often lacking, and that sharing ownership of possessions has to be done differently when those possessions are digital rather than physical. Secondly, we have undertaken conceptual work to reimagine how we might conceptualise the computer file and the actions that are bound up with it. We argue that the ‘file’ metaphor, and the actions that have traditionally been associated with it (copy, delete, etc.) are losing their salience in a networked world, where copies proliferate across services and devices, and deleting content carries new uncertainties.



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